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PREMIUMLAB, under its registered trademark PREMIUMCERT®, features on the list of certification entities recognised by the IRTA (Institut de Recerca i Tecnologia Agroalimentàries [Institute of Agri-food Research and Technology]), to certify Animal Welfare under the European Welfare Quality® protocol.


In January 2006, the European Commission adopted an EU-wide Action Plan on the protection and welfare of animals. Based on the initiatives and measures planned, the objective is to ensure that animal welfare is addressed as effectively as possible, in all EU sectors and through relationships with third parties.


Animal Welfare is an important attribute in terms of “food quality” and consumers expect that products of an animal origin, in particular food, are produced with respect for animal welfare. This is an ever-increasing call that offers great added value to the end consumer when acquiring products.


The Welfare Quality project is an association consisting of 40 institutions across Europe and, since 2006, four in Latin America. This project is responsible for developing tools based on scientific evidence to assess animal welfare. The protocol is structured around the consideration of conditions in which animals are kept, following 4 basic principles: a good diet, good living conditions, good health and appropriate conduct.


Pursuing a common approach across different species, an integrated and standardised methodology that, wherever possible, was based on the animals, was developed to assess their welfare. The schemes that currently in place apply to: poultry, cattle, pigs and dairy cattle, as well as laying hens. 

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