Sensors for controlling the hygiene of surfaces and facilities.

The most effective way of controlling the hygiene of work surfaces.

The most effective way of controlling the hygiene of work surfaces.

SCH hygiene control sensors are the only device capable of sampling and collecting biofilms and pathogenic microorganisms.

At PREMIUMLAB, we provide hygienic control sensors that provide a quick, simple, economic and reliable solution to monitor the biological contamination of surfaces.

Designed for production areas in the food industry where strict hygienic control is required, in addition to catering establishments, kitchens, hospitals, laboratories and all types of facility that require periodic microbiological control.

SCH® is an innovative solution, a modern application that helps to avoid standardisation problems in the sampling process for microbiological control.

It facilitates:

  • The collection of samples to detect and effectively analyse microorganisms on surfaces, including biofilms.
  • Real results.
  • Analyses adapted to all circumstances and requirements.
  • Easy installation, removal and analysis.
  • A sampler built into the device.
  • Integrated system.

PREMIUMLAB’s microbiology laboratory is capable of analysing the samples collected by sensors, using a procedure adapted to your needs in terms of deadlines and volume of samples.

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