We have been authorised by the AEMPS to operate as a laboratory dedicated to the physical and chemical control of medicinal products for human use, veterinary use and for use in research, in addition to import activities.

Thanks to our modern facilities, state-of-the-art instruments and our highly qualified staff, Premiumlab offers a varied range of services for the pharmaceutical sector.

We perform physical and chemical analyses, chromatographic analyses and analyses on impurities using ICP-MS applying the main methods in European and US pharmacopoeias. We develop and validate analytical methods in a GMP environment.

See our authorisation.

We have been certified as being GMP compliant by the AEMPS.

Consult our GMP Compliance Certificate.

We also help companies in the pharmaceutical sector to adapt to the regulatory requirements of food supplements. We provide an integrated service covering the following needs:

  • Analysis
  • Training
  • Consultancy

We provide a great analytical capacity, optimised processes, tailored advice and project management, thus responding to all the quality control needs of the pharmaceutical industry.

Services for the pharmaceutical sector include:

  • Analysis of raw materials and medicinal products.
  • Control of elementary impurities applying analytical methods required under the ICH Q3D guide (ICP-MS).
  • We act as your external laboratory.
  • Development, validation and transfer of analytical methods.
  • Design and implementation of your quality system.
  • Management of your quality system.
  • We can act as the “Qualified Person” in the import of medicinal products from foreign countries.

We can also perform:

  • Internal audits and supplier audits.
  • Specific training in GMPs, GDPs and GLPs.
  • Validation of cleaning protocols.
  • Cross contamination studies.

GMPs = Good Manufacturing Practices

GDPs = Good Distribution Practices

GLPs = Good Laboratory Practices


    • Analytical services (+ info)
    • Audit and consultancy services (+ info)
    • Training services (+ info)