PREMIUMLAB provides integrated services to guarantee quality.

Our customers are mainly in the agri-food and pharma industries, we perform analytics, consultancy, auditing, certification and training.

We have more than 75 years of experience and a broad international presence, backed by a technically qualified human team that is committed to our customers.

We boast more than 2,000 m2 of facilities dedicated to laboratories and office space, which enables us to have the necessary equipment and tools for safeguarding the entire process with the highest level of service traceability.

Our laboratories are ISO 17025:2017 and ISO 9001:2015 certified.

At PREMIUMLAB, we are committed to the safety and quality of the products that our customers manufacture and sell to safeguard the health of consumers.

We provide the necessary information so that they can guarantee the quality of their products and enhance their growth on the market.

Our team of professionals dedicates its high level of training and commitment to earn our customers’ trust and loyalty. In addition to this, we have extensive industrial experience and internally adhere to the most demanding quality standards.

Our goal is to help our customers achieve maximum levels of quality and excellence in their products, services and processes, and position ourselves as a reference company in the services sector in terms of quality, thanks to our success stories.


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More than 45 highly qualified professionals with a wide range of experience make up Premiumlab’s human team.

They come from different areas of expertise, with different profiles (chemistry, pharmacy, biology, engineering, food technology and science, professional training, economists, etc) and by working as a team, they provide value and meaning to everything we do to satisfy your needs and expectations.


To position Premiumlab amongst the leading group of companies in the areas in which it operates, obtaining recognition on account of its excellence in quality, customer relationships, proactiveness and flexibility. All these supported by a highly qualified human team and solid and sustainable profitability.


To offer integrated quality services to Spanish and foreign companies (analytical trials, consultancy, training, auditing, certification). With the resources befitting of a large company, we offer a personal, proactive, practical service adapted to the real needs of each customer.


  • Customer orientation.
  • Results orientation.
  • High technical level and professionalism.
  • Quality approach. Leadership, continuous improvement and innovation.
  • Independence, impartiality and integrity.
  • Care for the environment.
  • Commitment to occupational health and safety.
  • Relationships between members based on trust, a good working environment, mutual respect and teamwork.

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