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At Premiumlab, we are specialists in tests for infant and geriatric food products, two of the sectors with the most stringent standards. This has enabled us to develop more streamlined, high-precision techniques, to offer maximum reliability in every service we offer.
We are therefore able to apply these techniques in the fields of: dairy products and their derivatives; cereals and their derivatives; dietary products, food preparations and supplements; herbal teas; and oils and fats.

  • Inter-laboratory studies

    We participate regularly in Proficiency Testing Schemes which provide us with valuable information for assessing the quality, analytic competence and method used by comparing the analytic results we obtain against those from other similar laboratories.

    Inter-laboratory studies
  • Microbiology Laboratory

    In the microbiology field, we run more than 75,000 tests on a catalogue of more than 30 different test parameters. To do so, we are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and systems that enable us to process a very high volume of samples, obtaining maximum reliability in a very short period of time. Thanks to this, […]

    Microbiology Laboratory