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Organic Food

Our staff includes national and international experts on organic food standards. We take care of monitoring and updating organic-related legislation and we offer comprehensive advice on obtaining organic certification for:

Organic vegetables and livestock:

  • Preparation of projects for conversion from conventional to organic farming.
  • Risk assessments associated with production.

Organic agri-food industry:

  • Preparation of production process reports.
  • Risk assessments associated with production.
  • Preparation of self-regulation systems.
  • Preparation of protocols to guarantee effective separation measures (i.e. organic and non-organic production on the same production line).
  • Advice on the labelling of organic products.
  • Formalities for product authorization.
  • Formalities for the import of organic products.

We can also take care of:

  • Formalities for official registration.
  • Advice on sourcing certified suppliers.
  • Participation in the auditing process.
  • Preparation of corrective action plans.
  • Customized training.